Rudolf Lehmann (1819-1905)

Artist Name Rudolf Lehmann (1819-1905)
Title Charity
Description This stunning RA exhibited circular 19th century oil painting is by noted prolific Royal Academy exhibited artist Rudolf Lehmann. A portrait artist, German born Lehmann moved to England in 1866 when in his fifties. This fabulous Pre-Raphaelite painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in 1863. One can only imagine the praise it must have received. The painting is of Roman Beggars sat on steps at the entrance to a church; mother son and baby. The mother holds her hand out and gazes at the viewer while the son minds the baby on his lap. Painted in a romanticised manner with colourful but soft muted tones and a realist pallet.

 Signed top left.
Provenance  Exhibited at The Royal Academy, 1863, No. 454 'Roman Beggars at a Church Entrance'.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 38 x 38 inches
Frame Housed in a beautiful ornate square frame, 52 inches by 52 inches and in good condition.
Condition Excellent condition. Circular image.
Biography Wilhelm August Rudolf Lehmann (1819, near Hamburg -1905, in Bushey) was a German-English portraitist and author. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1866. Lehmann was born in Ottensen (now part of Hamburg) in the Duchy of Holstein, the son of painter Leo Lehmann. He and his elder brother Henri Lehmann studied in Paris at the École des Beaux-arts, in Rome, and with the painters Peter von Cornelius and Wilhelm von Kaulbach. Lehmann's major painting, The Blessing of the Pontine Marshes by Sixtus V was shown in Paris in 1846 and bought by the French government. In 1866 Lehmann settled in London, became a British citizen, and painted his best-known portraits. He married Amelia Chambers, daughter of the Scot author and naturalist Robert Chambers. Amelia's sister Nina married Lehmann's younger brother Frederick, and the extended social circle of the two couples included Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Robert Browning, Lord Leighton, and other prominent figures. In 1896, a number of his engraved portraits were collected and published as Men and Women of the Century. On 27 October 1905, he died at Boumemede, Bushey. He was buried in Highgate cemetery.

Lehmann exhibited more than 100 paintings at the Royal Academy between 1851 and 1904.
Price £40000
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