John Linnell (att.) (1792-1882)

Artist Name John Linnell (att.) (1792-1882)
Title St. Michael's Mount
Description A fine, large period watercolour which is attributed to John Linnell or one of his circle. It certainly is a stunning painting. The dappled light glowing through the trees and the fine blue wispy sky are skillfully portrayed. The sheep on the path and the gleaners gathering wheat are all typical subject matter for Linnell and the backdrop is St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. The painting is unsigned and dates to circa 1880-1900.
Provenance Private purchase.
Medium Watercolour on Paper
Size 30 x 25 inches
Frame Housed in a fine frame behind glass 40 inches by 35 inches, in good condition.
Condition Excellent condition
Biography John Linnell (1792-1882) was an English landscape and portrait painter and engraver. Linnell was a naturalist and a rival to John Constable. He had a taste for Northern European art of the Renaissance, particularly Albrecht Dürer. He also associated with William Blake, to whom he introduced Samuel Palmer and others of the Ancients.
Price £3600
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