William Mark Fisher (1841-1923)

Artist Name William Mark Fisher (1841-1923)
Title Landscape with Cattle and Sheep
Description This lovely British Victorian Impressionist pastoral landscape oil painting is by prolific exhibitor William Mark Fisher. Known as a British American Impressionist he painted this circa 1880. It is a superb country landscape with cows and sheep in the foreground being tended by a farmhand under the canopy of a vast sky above them. A really lovely large light and airy painting capturing country life and an excellent example of Fisher's work.

Signed lower left.
Provenance West Midlands estate.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 39 x 27 inches
Frame Housed in a complementary frame, 46 inches by 33 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography William Mark Fisher RA,ROI,NEA,ROI,RI (1841-1923). Landscape, genre and portrait painter born Boston USA. Studied at the Lowell Institute and under George Innes. Went to Paris 1861 and studied under Gleyre and Corot. Father of Millicent Margaret Prout. Fisher was a prolific exhibitor including 89 at Royal Academy, 251 at the Leicester Gallery and 133 at New English Art Club. It is interesting to note that Fisher is considered to be one of the first artists to bring the Impressionistic style to England. Considered by George Moore in 1893 to be "our greatest living artist.”

Prolific exhibitor: AG 1, B 6, BA 8, BG 1, D4, G 28, GI 31, GOU 9, 1 13, L 23, LEI 251, LS 3, M 45, NEA 133, NG 23, RA 89, RBA 3, RHA 14, RI 1, ROI 12, RSA 9, TOO 5.
Price £5000
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