Jan Porcellis (1584-1632)

Artist Name Jan Porcellis (1584-1632)
Title Shipping Scene in Stormy Weather
Description This superb Dutch Old Master marine oil painting is attributed to Jan Porcellis. Painted circa 1610 the painting is of a number of vessels that appear to have just come through a storm, as clearer skies and a rainbow now emerge. Painting inclement weather and stormy conditions was Porcellis' preference and this is an excellent example of his work. A very atmospheric painting, beautifully framed in a Dutch ebonised 17th century frame.

Name plate on frame.
Provenance Inscribed on label verso.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30 x 21 inches
Frame Housed in a Dutch ebonised 17th century frame, 38 inches by 29 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Jan Porcellis (c.1584-1632)  was a Dutch marine artist in the seventeenth century. His works initiated a "decisive transition from early realism to the tonal phase", fostering a new style and subject in marine painting by focusing on overcast skies and rough waters, a radical break from maritime art's previous focus on the grandeur of ships in historical settings. This style of greater simplicity surrounding maritime art, with the majority of the canvas displaying sea and sky, set the grounds for later works in this genre.
Price £6700
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