Jacob de Heusch (1656-1701)

Artist Name Jacob de Heusch (1656-1701)
Title Dutch Marine Shipping Seascape
Description This superb Dutch Old Master marine oil painting is attributed to the circle of Jacob de Heusch. Painted circa 1690 the setting is an Italian coast with fisherfolk in the foreground. Beyond them are a couple of magnificent fortified buildings with towers and interlinking bridges.  There are various vessels nearby including one anchored close to shore with multiple oars raised which has been suggested is a Papal ship, sail draped over the helm and a flag flying. A fascinating marine landscape Old Master oil painting with lovely tones and detail. Lots or interesting scenes such as the guard on the bridge with his riffle raised as someone approaches.

The painting is signed on the brick work of the central tower which is indistinct.
Provenance Ronald Cook Gallery, Old Bond Street London.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30 x 25 inches
Frame Housed in a fine 18th century carved frame, 39 inches by 34 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Jacob de Heusch (1656-1701), was a Dutch painter. He was Willem de Heusch's nephew, signing like his uncle, substituting an initial J for the initial G (of Guglielmo). De Heusch was born in Utrecht. He learnt drawing from his uncle, and travelled to Rome in 1675, where he acquired friends and patrons for whom he executed pictures after his return. According to Houbraken, he became a member of the Bentvueghels and made trips to Venice and other cities with friends, painting in the manner of Salvator Rosa. After several years in Italy he returned to Utrecht, where he lived with his brother, a postmaster. He continued painting, but was not highly productive, and most of his work was sent to Italy. According to the RKD his Bent nickname was 'Afdruk' or 'Copia', and he was registered in Rome in 1686, 1691 and 1692. Like his relative, Jacob was an "Arcadian" and an imitator of Jan Both. He chiefly painted Italian harbour views. His pictures are now scarce. Two of his canvases, the "Ponte Rotto" at Rome, in the Brunswick Gallery, and a lake harbour with shipping in the Lichtenstein collection at Vienna, are dated 1696. A harbour with a tower and distant mountains, in the Belvedere at Vienna, was executed in 1699. Other examples may be found in English private galleries, in the Hermitage of St Petersburg and the museums of Rouen and Montpellier.
Price £36000
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