John Callington Moore (1829-1880)

Artist Name John Callington Moore (1829-1880)
Title Penel Hichens
Description A beautiful colourful  1877 Pre-Raphaelite portrait of Penel Hichens by John Callington Moore. It is a three-quarter length portrait of a girl in sky blue against a fine detailed floral Pre-Raphaelite background. A rare and fine portrait with beautiful colour and in its original frame which is stunning.
Provenance Original artists details verso.
Size 20 x 15 inches
Frame Housed in an original Pre-Raphaelite gilt frame or the period 29 inches by 24 inches. In excellent condition.
Condition Good colour, minor blemishes
Biography Moore, born 1829 in Gainsborough and died in London in 1880, became known as a genre, portrait and landscape painter.

He was a pupil of his father William Moore (landscape painter in York) and William Etty. 

Moore spent time In Rome, therefore Campagnaszenen are also known from his hand. He exhibited at the Royal Academy during his lifetime.

Portrait watercolors of Moore can be found today at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
Price £3600
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