Estella Canziani (1887-1964)

Artist Name Estella Canziani (1887-1964)
Title Edwardian Nude Female
Description This is a fine detailed and superbly executed Edwardian drawing by Estella Canziani which dated to circa 1911. Drawn by one of the leading artists of the day, it is a very striking and fascinating nude female portrait  by one of the most famous female artists of the period. In good condition.
Provenance The Maas Gallery London
The Royal Academy
Medium Pencil on Paper
Size 18 x 16 inches
Frame size 32 inches by 30 inches in a fine gallery frame.
Condition Good condition
Biography Estella Canziani was the daughter of the painter Louisa Starr (1845-1909) and Enrico Canziani (1848-1931), an Italian civil engineer. A painter of portraits, landscapes, illustrator and decorator. Trained as an artist, studying first at the 'Copernicus', a Kensington school run by Sir Arthur Cope and Erskine Nicholl, then at the RA schools. Painted scientific water colours in hospitals and made moulded splints and casts of abnormal cases during wartime. Exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, and in Liverpool, Milan, Venice and France. She was the author of 'Costume, Traditions and Songs of Savoy', and several other works about Italian folklore. She travelled extensively throughout Europe.
Price £3500
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