Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654-1727)

Artist Name Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654-1727)
Title The Madonna and Child with Saint Catherine and Putti
Description This stunning Italian 17th century Old Master religious oil painting is by Baroque artist Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chari. Painted circa 1684 it is a large and vibrant oil painting of the Madonna and child. To their left is Saint Catherine and to their right four putti or cherubs look upon a sleeping Jesus. The detail in all the figures faces and hair and the colouring is just superb, especially the Madonna's sumptuous blue robe. A really fabulous 17th century religious work with previous full attribution and excellent provenance which was once attribted to Carlo Maratta (1625-1713).
Provenance With Vangelisti, Lucca, Italy, 1966, from whom acquired by the family of the previous owner, and thence by descent.
Red seal stamp verso
Christies April 15th 1912
Christies March 23 1956
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 44 x 54 inches
Frame Housed in an original Carlo Maratta frame, 62 inches by 52 inches framed and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654-1727), also known simply as Giuseppe Chiari, was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period, active mostly in Rome. Born in Rome, he was one of the main assistants, along with Giuseppe Passeri and Andrea Procaccini, in the studio of an elder Carlo Maratta. His father had opposed the career, but his mother, on the recommendation of a painter named Carlo Antonio Gagliani. By the age of 22, he had frescoed the lateral lunettes (Birth of Virgin and Adoration of Magi) of the Marchionni chapel in the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio. He also painted the ceiling of a chapel in Santa Maria in Cosmedin. He frescoed rooms in the Palazzo Barberini to allegorical sketches of Bellori of Aurora leading Apollo and chariot with time and seasons with extensive interweaving of heraldic symbols, including bees (symbol of Barberini); two-headed eagle alighting on globe with blue and white stripes (symbol of the family of Vittorio Ottoboni; crossed keys under baldachin (symbol of Pope Alexander VIII); a golden fleece (symbol of award given to Taddeo Barberini; a column (symbol of the Colonna family); sun and laurels (symbols of Urban VIII), and post (symbols of the Pignatelli family. He also frescoed the Palaces Colonna and Spada with scenes based on Ovid's Metamorphoses. He additionally frescoed the Villa di Marchese Torri outside of Porta San Pancrazio in collaboration with landscape artist Jan van Bloemen; as well as the church of San Silvestro in Capite with Madonna and child with Saint Anthony performing miracles and Pope Stephen I destroying temple of Mars with lightning (1696) for Santa Maria del Suffragio (where he completed Niccolò Berrettoni's fresco). He also painted for Santa Maria in Posterola, Santa Maria di Loreto, San Salvatore in Lauro, and an Assumption for Santa Maria del Montesanto. For Basilica di San Clemente, he painted a St Clement in Glory for pope Clement XI. He also prepared the cartoons for the mosaics in the lateral nave of the Basilica of Saint Peter’s and San Giovanni Laterano with the oval of Prophet Obdiah listening to trumpet of Judgement Day. He also painted a Vision of St John in the chapel of the Presentazione for the Duomo di Urbino. He was a teacher of William Kent, Paolo Anesi, and Giovanni Andrea Lazzarini. His studio is described as highly frequented by French artists. He became director or principe of the Accademia di San Luca (1723–25).
Price £55000
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