Stanley Spencer (circle)

Artist Name Stanley Spencer (circle)
Title Reflected Female Nude with Artist
Description This stunning British Slade School nude portrait oil painting is attributed to the circle of Stanley Spencer. The painting was painted in the 1930's in a realistic palette and shows incredible artistry catching the luminosity of the sitter's skin. The composition is also very interesting. The painting is of a nude woman seated on a white satin cloth, her naked back reflected in a mirror behind her. Also partially reflected is the male artist at his easel. It is a fantastic example of a reflected nude painting made more intriguing as it includes a glimpse of the artist.
To add yet more interest, on the reverse of the canvas is another oil painting by the same hand. This painting is an interior scene with two young sisters.
Provenance Midlands estate.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 36 x 28 inches
Frame Housed in a stunning reeded gilded frame, 46 inches by 38 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Price £7000
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