Joshua Reynolds (circle) (1723-1792)

Artist Name Joshua Reynolds (circle) (1723-1792)
Title Portrait of a Gentleman in Crimson Velvet Coat
Description This fine portrait oil painting is attributed to the circle of Joshua Raynolds. Painted circa 1800 it is a half portrait of a fine young man in a crimson velvet coat. The detail in his face is superb. A lovely portrait finished off in a gilt frame.
Provenance Previous owner Lord Kilmaine.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 24 x 29 inches
Frame Housed in a gilt frame in good condition, 37 inches by 31 inches approx.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Joshua Reynolds, in full Sir Joshua Reynolds, (born July 16, 1723, Plympton, Devon, England—died February 23, 1792, London), portrait painter and aesthetician who dominated English artistic life in the middle and late 18th century. Through his art and teaching, he attempted to lead British painting away from the indigenous anecdotal pictures of the early 18th century toward the formal rhetoric of the continental Grand Style. With the founding of the Royal Academy in 1768, Reynolds was elected its first president and knighted by King George III.
Price £7000
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