Rowland Knight (1879-1921)

Artist Name Rowland Knight (1879-1921)
Title Angling Still Life of Fish
Description This beautifully composed British Edwardian still life oil painting is attributed to noted fish artist Rowland Knight. Painted circa 1910 it is a still life of salmon and rainbow trout with all their beautiful markings. The fish are arranged on a marble table with a wicker creel and fishing rod behind them. Beyond them through the window a river gorge can be seen where they were no doubt caught. A well composed oil painting with lots of angling interest and detail and an excellent example of Knight's work. 
Provenance Bristol estate. 
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 36 x 28 inches
Frame Housed in a fine period frame, 44 inches by 36 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Rowland Knight (1879-1921) was a British artist born in the 19th century. He specialised in painting fish and angling paraphernalia and was one of the leading fish artists of his day. His fish were often jumping out of the water or arranged in a group with sporting equipment beside them. He painted mostly in oils and in a realist manner. He died in 1921. 
Price £4800
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