William Watson (1866-1921)

Artist Name William Watson (1866-1921)
Title Sheep on the Mountain
Description An original oil on canvas by well sought after and collected Victorian landscape artist William Watson. It is a fine oil,  painted in June 1886  and is a very strong landscape painting. It depicts sheep and lambs huddled together in an open mountain landscape with a blustery sky. The condition is excellent gallery condition. Housed in a fine gilt gallery frame.

Provenance Southern  collection.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30 x 20 inches
Frame Housed in a stunning gilt 19th century Empire gallery frame 38 inches by 28 inches. In excellent condition.
Condition Excellent gallery condition
Biography William Watson (1847-1921) flourished 1866-1920  and came from a family of painters originating in Liverpool. A pupil of iconic Sir Edwin Landseer and also French artist Rosa Bonheur, William's work was detailed yet also full of movement, with an excellent sense of the proportion and majesty of the animals he mainly portrayed. Exhibiting locally and also at the Royal Academy in 1972, his works can now be found in galleries and museums as far flung as Minneapolis in the USA.
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