Thomas Baker of Leamington (1809-1864)

Artist Name Thomas Baker of Leamington (1809-1864)
Title Cattle Grazing at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
Description This lovely British Victorian oil painting is by noted 19th century landscape artist Thomas Baker of Leamington. It was painted on 18th September 1854 as a special commission. The painting is listed in the artist's memoranda of paintings as no. 452 with details below. It was exhibited in Worcester in 1855 and Birmingham in 1856 and subsequently sold in 1858.  The composition is Baker's favourite; cows in a landscape and the location is Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. Three cows are on a grassy bank to the left of the painting, in front of trees. To the right, several cattle are watering in a river with more cattle in fields beyond. It is a lovely summer's landscape, quintessentially a British idyl and very relaxing to gaze upon. The details in the animals and trees are lovey. The palette with the rich reds of the cows and beech trees against the lush green grass is superb. This is a fantastic example of Baker of Leamington’s work and of British 19th century landscape painting and has fantastic provenance. 

Signed and dated 1854 lower left.
Provenance Inscribed and dated 'Special commission, Price £150, September 18th 1854' verso on canvas.
Thomas Baker of Leamington 1809-1864 A Memoranda of his Paintings. no. 452. Scene in Stoneleigh Park. Autumnal in colour. Also states: 
Size 30 x 20 inches. December 1854. 
Sent to Worcester July 31st 1855.
Sent to Birmingham 1856
Sold to Mr J Gilbert in March 1858. 

Sotheby's London Sale, 27th November 2003 Lot 359. 
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30 x 20 inches
Frame Housed in an ornate frame 37 inches by 27 inches, in good condition
Condition Good condition.
Biography Thomas Baker Leamington (1809-1864) was primarily a landscape painter in oil and watercolour who exhibited at the Royal Academy in London from 1831 to 1858 and in Birmingham between 1827 and 1873. He lived in Leamington in the years 1854 to 1862 and many of his landscapes, including those with cattle, are from the area. He was the best known and probably the most accomplished painter of the numerous Baker family of artists.
Price £6500
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