Edward Joseph Molyneux (fl. 1899-1904)

Artist Name Edward Joseph Molyneux (fl. 1899-1904)
Title Chakata Landscape India
Description This superb Victorian landscape oil painting is by RA exhibited British artist Edward Joseph Moylneux (not to be confused with Edward Henry Molyneux, fashion designer). Molyneux was in India with the 3rd Dragoon Guards when he painted this painting in 1887. The painting is entitled verso including the location - Breaking off the rains of Chakata, below the Camels Back, India. (Chakrata was originally a cantonment of the British Indian Army).This misty atmospheric mountainous landscape reminds one of Breanski's work with superb light on the mountains in the middle ground. A lovely Victorian landscape and an excellent example of Molyneux's work.
Signed E. Molyneux, 3rd Dragoon Guards 1887 lower left. 
Provenance Titled and signed on label verso. Breaking off the rains of Chakata from below the Camel Back, India. 
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 32 x 24 inches
Frame Housed in a complementary Victorian period frame, 39 inches by 31 inches framed and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Edward Joseph Molyneux (fl 1899-1904). Molyneux was a British landscape artist based in London. He painted mainly in oils but also produced some watercolours. He spent part of his life in India including with the 3rd Dragoon Guards in 1887, the designation used to refer to certain heavy cavalry regiments in the British Army from the 18th century onwards. He painted throughout his life including whilst in India and exhibited six works at the Royal Academy Lodon on his return, so between 1899-1904. These included A Himalayan Glacier and A Kasmir Glen, amongst others. He also painted landscapes in Ireland. 
Price £6800
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