Borge Herman Hansen (1918-2011)

Artist Name Borge Herman Hansen (1918-2011)
Title Abstract Composition - Rock Fragment
Description This superb Scandinavian abstract art oil painting is by Danish artist Borg Herman Hansen. It was painted in 1961 and is entitled verso Klippe Fragment meaning rock fragment. It is painted in an autumnal palette with geometric shapes fitting together and is very pleasing to the eye. An excellent example of Scandinavian art work and of Hansen's talent as an abstract artist in the sixties.

Signed and dated B Hansen '61 verso.
Provenance Scottish estate.
Medium Oil on Board
Size 24 x 16 inches
Frame Housed in a white frame, 32 inches by 24 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Børge Herman Hansen, (1918-2011). Painter and graphic designer. Born in Nakskov in south Denmark. Hansen began as many in the purely naturalistic painting, but the encounter with the bornholm nature and especially the faceted cuts of the quarries brought him into a more abstract-expressionist imagery, which, however, is still tied closely to the nature experience. For a time he worked with mixing the color with sand, which contributed to the almost modelled nature of the images, where the structure of the surface itself was used as an image-creating element. Hansen has in recent years worked his way towards an increasingly bright color, perhaps inspired by his Greece stays, but in the colouring position also clearly influenced by Edvard Weie, while in the idiom there is mainly influence from Serge Poliakoff.

Travels: Italy 1953; since Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Yugoslavia and France.

Scholarships: Bodil Hallar's Painting Grant 1957; Eckersberg-Thorvaldsen Foundation 1962.

Exhibitions: North Jutlanders, Ålborg Mus. 1944; 1954, 1956, 1967-69; Mr Sing. Charl. spring. 1957, 1961-62, 1965; Spire 1960, 1962-65, 1967; Mr Sing. Charl. Oj. 1961; Summer slipping. 1961-62; KE 1967; R.B.K. (internat. gr.), Wuppertal 1965; Ystads Konstmus., Sweden 1972, 1985; Municipal Gal., Schlangenbad, Germany 1976; mad. Wlucka, Berlin 1977; Bornholm art, Bornholms Kunstmus. 1985; mad. Hervieu, Nice 1974; Sølvesborgs Konsthal, Sweden 1991; Gudhjem Mouse. 1992. Separate exhibitions: Aarhus Permanente 1957; Kbh. Kunstgal. 1964; Bornholm Art Museum. 1965, 1989 (retrosp.); mad. M., Kbh. 1970; La Casa Gal., 1977.
Art work: Smokehouse in Svaneke (1953); Improvisation II (1961, Bornholms Kunstmus.); Workshop (1967, State. Art Fund); Topography (Tunis) (1966, Bornholms Kunstmus.); Rock wall (1975); Poppy Field (1984, Bornholms Kunstmus.); Madrid (1991, text message). Decorations: Entrance Hall to Polizei Directorate Moabit, Berlin (1982); bibl. in Nexø (1985); Da. house of civil economists, Sværteg. 3, Kbh. (1986).
Price £3000
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