Lemuel Francis Abbott (1760-1802)

Artist Name Lemuel Francis Abbott (1760-1802)
Title Portrait of Alexander Mackenzie in a Green Coat
Description This fascinating half length portrait oil painting painted circa 1795 is attributed to the circle of Lemuel Francis Abbott, an 18th century British portrait artist, famous for painting Horatio Nelson. The sitter is  Alexander Mackenzie, born between 1770 and 1779 and older son of George Mackenzie of Farenough and Kellits, Jamaica and President of the Legislative Council who died in Spanish Town in1815. His mother was Ann, daughter of George and Ann Burrell. It was his great great grandfather, Alexander Mackenzie (1663-1744) who left Scotland in 1698,  joined the Darien expedition and finally settled in Jamaica.

Geraldine Mozley, previous owner, describes the painting in 'Letters to Jane from Jamaica' as 'a handsome youth in a green coat and powdered hair, whose portrait in oils (of the English School) is in my possession. He married Miss Israell, daughter of Joseph Israell, Clarendon regiment of Militia'. A really interesting painting with excellent provenance and information on the sitter.
Provenance The Collection of Geraldine Nutt Mozley, before 1938 (according to literature).
Private Collection, UK for at least 50 years.                     
Literature: G.N. Mozley, Letters to Jane (Brodbelt) from Jamaica, 1788-1796, London, 1938, p. 155 gives a description of our painting and details re Alexander and family and states the painting was owned by Mozley. Copy of page 155
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 25 x 30 inches
Frame Housed in a complementary frame, 38 inches by 33 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Lemuel "Francis" Abbott (1760/61 – 5 December 1802) was an English portrait painter, famous for his painting of Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (currently hanging in the Terracotta Room of number 10 Downing Street) and for those of other naval officers and literary figures of the 18th century.
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