Wolfram Onslow-Ford (1879-1956)

Artist Name Wolfram Onslow-Ford (1879-1956)
Title Portrait of a Gentleman Reading
Description This superb oil on canvas portrait is by British artist Wolfram Onslow Ford. Painted in 1904, the painting depicts a seated gentleman pausing whilst reading the newspaper. We believe this could be a self portrait. He has removed his glasses and appears lost in thought. Books on the table perhaps suggest he is a learned man but the interior appears simple. There is a beautiful patterned shawl on the back of the chair and the detailed brushwork on his face is superb. The composition of the painting is interesting in that it bears a resemblance to the famous painting tiltled Whistlers Mother and indeed Whistler was a family friend.
Provenance Private purchase. 
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30 x 22 inches
Frame Size 38 inches by 30 inches.
Condition Excellent condition
Biography Wolfram Onslow Ford (1879-1956). A member of a family of British artists, Wolfram Onslow-Ford was the son of Victorian sculptor Edward Onslow-Ford and the uncle of California Surrealist Gordon Onslow-Ford. He particularly painted portraits which showed the influence of James A. M. Whistler, who was a family friend. Wolfram Onslow Ford exhibited at the Baillie Gallery, The Glasgow Institute of The Fine Arts, Walker Art Gallery, Manchester City Art Gallery, New Gallery and the Royal Academy.
Price £2200
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