Unknown Artist

Artist Name Unknown Artist
Title Pre-Raphaelite Portrait of a Young Girl
Description  This beautiful Victorian pencil drawing dates to around 1890 and is by an unknown hand. It is a bust length seated portrait of a young girl gazing to her right. Her long hair is back from her face and cascading over both shoulders. She has a pretty lace collar at her neck over her dress. Her face has a wonderful luminosity and the detail and delicacy in her facial features are superb. The painting is housed behind glass with a clean mount and ebonised frame with gilt slip. A very striking and attractive Victorian portrait of a beautiful young girl. 
Provenance Private collection
Medium Pencil on Paper
Size 22 x 18 inches
Frame Housed in a fine ebonised gallery frame with gilt slip, behind glass, 28 inches by 24 inches approx. and in good condition.
Condition In good condition.
Price £3600
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