Thomas Falcon Marshall (1818-1878)

Thomas Falcon Marshall (1818-1878) - was born in Liverpool in 1818 and was a prolific painter of rustic scenes, cottage interiors, farmyard scenes and historical scenes for which he had been greatly influenced by Oliver Goldsmith, Byron and others. His work also included portraits and watercolours. He was great admirer of William Frith.

Marshall was an Associate, then member of the Liverpool Academy and was well represented in the Liverpool and Manchester exhibitions throughout his life. In 1840 he won a silver medal at the Society of Arts for an oil painting of a figure subject.

In total he exhibited 60 works at the Royal Academy, 42 at the Suffolk Street Gallery in London and 40 at the British Institution.

Although living in London for much of his life, he died in 1878 in Chorlton, Lancashire, survived by his wife Amelia Jane and his children, one of whom, William Elsob Marshall b.1843 was also an artist. His wealth at death was £2000.

His work is displayed in museums in Liverpool and London and in galleries in Australia.