Paul Earee (1888-1968)

As Frederick Percy Eary, he was born at Sudbury, Suffolk on 16 July 1888, son of Albert Henry Eary (1862-1941), mat weaver, and his wife Hannah (1860-1939). Known as Paul Earee, he was an artist who was professionally trained as an ecclesiastical architect, art teacher and illustrator, using his spare time in painting, etchings and drawing with strong regional content. As an architect he designed many buildings and interiors in Sudbury including the pulpit of St Gregory's church, a petrol store for Dixon, Scott (1913), two houses in Gainsborough Road for C. E. Dennington (1913), Sudbury Union Hospital additions (1914) and the re-seating of Gainsborough Theatre (1914). In 1920 a founder of the Sudbury Dramatic Society and a member of Ipswich Art Club 1938-1945 and a friend of artists Rowland Suddaby (1912-1972)  and John Rimmer (1888-1968) and he collaborated with H. A. F. Haslewood to paint scenery for the local production of 'Brer Rabbit and Mr. Fox' at the Victoria Hall, Sudbury in 1921. There was a retrospective exhibition 'Landscapes and Dreams' at The Quay Theatre in 1983 and at Chappel Galleries, Essex in 1996. He married at Sudbury in 1913, Ivy Florence Elliston (1890-1988). As Frederick Percy Earee, he died at Sudbury in 1968, aged 79.
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