Giovani Paolo Panini (1691-1765)

Artist Name Giovani Paolo Panini (1691-1765)
Title Italian Landscape with Temple of Sibyl, Tivoli
Description This stunning Italian Capriccio Old Master landscape oil painting is attributed to circle of Giovanni Paolo Panini. Painted circa 1740 it is a fantastic view of the Temple of Sibyl, an ancient Roman structure on the highest point of the acropolis of Tivoli, built around the second century BC. The temple fills the left hand side of the painting and in the foreground below a rider passes by towards the lake and landscape beyond, beneath a vibrant blue sky. There is beautiful detail and colour as the light catches the scene. A superb example of an Italian Old Master oil painting. A fine Old Master country house painting which would have been collected by aristocrats of the 18th century on their grand tours.
Provenance Midlands estate.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 40 x 32 inches
Frame Housed in an ornate gilt frame, 48 inches by 40 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Giovanni Paolo Panini or Pannini (1691 - 1765) was born in Piacenza, but from 1711 worked in Rome. He probably studied architectural drawing at Piacenza. He was employed on decorative frescoes and painted architectural views.
Price £12000
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