Tom Lindhardt (1935-2007)

Lindhardt Wils, Tom, (1935-2007). Painter and designer. Born 15.2.1935 in Odense. Name change from Lindhardt Petersen to Lindhardt Wils 1975. In the early 1960s, Tom Lindhardt helped shape Funen's art environment with his spontaneous and abstract paintings. For a number of years he ran the gallery Exi in his home in Odense, where he exhibited the work of abstract artists. In 1963 he joined the avant-garde group ART 63, and that same year he wrote a manifesto whose message was to make art accessible to people. In protest against the grey concrete building and according to the manifesto, in the late 1960s, Lindhardt performed his colourful and imaginative play sculptures, which can be found in several playgrounds at home and abroad, including in Luxembourghaven, Paris. He also founded the Design company Kompan, which has gained recognition for its functional and at the same time human design.

Art 1963, Gal. Exi, Odense 1963-65; The Funen Spring Evening, Odense 1964; Ribe Kunstmus. 1964; The Flexible 1965-67; Innovation through Design. The Problem comes first, Centre Pompidou and others. 1986; World Design Expo, Nagoya, Japan 1989; ID-per-month for 25 years, Louisiana 1990; Wealth & Simplicity, Trien. Milan 1992; Pure Design, Purely Da., Paris 1992; From Dreams to Reality, Tallinn 1993. Separate exhibitions: Kunstudst.bygn., Filosofgangen, Odense 1962, 1968; Admiralg. 21, 1964; Tower Castle, Copenhagen, 1964; mad. Perulla, Hørsholm 1965; mad. Meyer, Esbjerg 1965, 1969; mad. BB, Randers 1965; Kerteminde Bibl. 1968; The Free Explet. urban area, 1971.

Composition (c. 1963). Play sculptures: The Rocking Hen (ID as of 1977); Galophesten; Four-leaf clover; Porch house; The Little Fan; The sprout; Bird's hee0; The flagship and others Decorations: Ålborg Komm.hosp. (m., 1966, canteen); A/S Emil Moland, Odense (glasswork, 1966); Tarup Glacier Centre (Mal., 1967); Bredebro sk. (m., 1968); Jeka Stormad, Odense (plywood, 1969).
ALT   Danish 1969 Abstract by Erling Andersen Richard Taylor Fine Art
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