William Kiddier (1856-1934)

William Kiddier (1859-1934). Painter and etcher, born in Loughborough but lived most of his life in Nottingham. A brush maker by trade, inheriting his father's business. He travelled in Russia and Poland during his early twenties. Kiddier was busy with artistic matters in his spare time. In 1897 he had a major role in establishing the Nottingham Atelier, founded with the purpose of providing local artists with the opportunity of painting from the nude. He chaired the first meeting of this 'Proposed artists' life class' in 1897. In old age, Kiddier found his paintings were receiving wider recognition. Exhibitions were held in Nottingham and Glasgow and a one-man exhibition at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull, spring 1932. The 'Nottingham Journal' remarked that 'the distinguished colourist is much admired in Hull'. All the pictures shown were from the output of the previous dozen years. Kiddier was fascinated by dramatic night skies with strong vertical lines against a simple but colourful and dramatic sky.