Jan Wyck (1640-1700)

Artist Name Jan Wyck (1640-1700)
Title Old Master Capriccio Arcadian Landscape
Description This large Dutch Old Master capricccio dates to around 1680 and is attributed to Jan Wyck. A delightful oil landscape of an Arcadian scene with figures fishing in an evening glow over a river. Although a naturally dark landscape nocturne, there are many small figures and areas of activity and a town populates the horizon. Housed in a fine period frame. A real country house/museum painting. 
Provenance Art dealer’s estate.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 36 x 28 inches
Frame Fine 17th century period frame, 42 inches by 36 inches approx. Gallery condition.
Biography Jan Wyck (also Jan Wiyck or Jan Wick) (29 October 1652 – 17 May 1702) was a Dutch baroque painter, best known for his works on military subjects. There are still over 150 of his works known to be in existence. In an era when French artists dominated the genre, the arrival of Wyck and other Dutch and Flemish artists in Great Britain from 1660 onwards provided the catalyst for the development of military and naval art in Britain. Like other painters from the Low Countries such as Dirk Maas, Peter Tillemans and William van de Velde, Wyck moved to England and worked there throughout his life, often under royal patronage, producing many fine works of battle paintings, portraits, hunting scenes and landscapes as well as advancing the development of British art through teaching.
Price SOLD