Jan Mijtens (1614-1670)

Jan Mijtens Dutch Baroque Era Painter (c1614-1670) Johannes Mytens or Jan Mijtens was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Mijtens was born in The Hague. According to Houbraken, Johannes Mijtens was trained by Anthony van Opstal and later by Nicolas van der Horst. Both of his uncles, Isaac Mijtens and Daniël Mijtens, were painters. In 1693 he was a Guild member in the Hague. He was one of the founders of Pictura in 1656, its commissioner in 1659 and its director in 1669. He taught Adriann van der Wiele, Nicolaes Lissant, Andries de Wit, Gerrard de Nyst and Paulus van der Velde. He sometimes interlaced the letter of his first names J A for a monogram which has caused confusion in the past. He was one of the court portraitists in The Hague. They were much influenced by the English manner as expressed by Van Dyck with minimal influence by Rembrandt. His technique was particularly suited to the fine rendering of detail and his paintings are a precious historical record of that period.