Alan Stepney Gulston (1844-1919)

Alan Stepney-Gulston of Derwydd (1844-1919). British painter in oils of landscapes and seascapes, particularly the Welsh coast where he resided.   Gulston was born in 1844 and was a large landowner in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The eldest son of Alan James Gulston and Augusta Catherine Giveen, he was educated at Harrow and Merton College, Oxford. He changed his name to Stepney-Gulston by deed poll in 1880. He was High Sheriff of the county in 1895 and was a captain of the Royal Carmarthen Artillery from 1867 to 1881. He married Agnes Anderson in 1886. His brother George married her sister. They had no children. They lived at Derwydd Mansion, the family estate in Carmarthenshire. A lover of Welsh history, he was the second president of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. He died in 1919.