Gordon Coutts (1868-1937)

Gordon Coutts (1868-1937) was a Scottish painter born in Glasgow. He studied in Glasgow, London and in Paris at Academie Julian under Lefebvre, Fleury, and Rossi. After Paris, Coutts was an instructor for several years at the Art Society of New South Wales in Melbourne Australia during the late 1890’s. He returned to London in 1899 and began exhibiting at the Royal Academy London. In 1902 he moved to San Francisco with his wife Alice where he became an active member of and exhibited at the Bohemian Club. His style changed across the years, from Tonalism in his earlier work to a more vibrant Impressionism in his later work. He moved to California for his health in 1925 and built a French-Moroccan style home where he spent the remainder of his days.  ALT   British Victorian Portrait of Girls and Cat by John Morgan Richard Taylor Fine Art