Jacobus Cornelis Wijnandus Cossaar (1874-1966)

Jacobus Cornelis Wijnandus Cossaar (Amsterdam, August 8, 1874 – The Hague, November 25, 1966) was a Dutch painter working under the name Ko Cossaar. He was a member of the Pulchri Studio in The Hague. Cossaar grew up in Amsterdam and followed the education for stage decoration under August Allebe (1838-1927).  Soon he painted the decors for the Plantage Schouwburg and got the leadership of the decorator from the seventeenth century. In 1906 he designed the decor for the tableaux vivants, which he collaborated with Marius Bauer (1867-1932). After moving to London with his wife and first daughter, he completed impressionist paintings of the city and port views. He got a contract with the renowned art dealership Goupil in London, which allows much of his early work in English museums and private collections to be found. He subsequently developed himself into a well-rounded painter known for his church and harbor scenes as well as landscapes. During his 8 years in England he painted numerous scenes in and around London and Yorkshire, including church settings and coastal landscapes. He went on to paint the most notable churches of France, Italy and Holland, using his sense of perspective learned while painting his early stage backdrops. He exhibited in the Netherlands, Paris, London and Berlin.