Bernardo Bellotto (circle) (1721-1780)

Artist Name Bernardo Bellotto (circle) (1721-1780)
Title River Scene with Boats and Rotunda Building
Description This very interesting 18th/19th century Dutch oil painting is attributed to circle or follower of Bernardo Bellotto who was renown for painting elaborate representations of architectural vistas, such as this painting. There is an indistinct inscription verso which warrants more research. The painting is dominated by the beautiful rotunda building with a river and various boats and figures in the foreground. A fascinating painting with lots of details such as the building, flag and clothing that could be further researched to try to identify the location and story behind the painting. The tones and delicate brushwork are superb which dates to circa 1800.
Provenance Red wax collector's seal verso & inscribed no 109 Decael D'Etebe? Christies stamps verso.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 52 x 40 inches
Frame Housed in a complementary gilt frame 60 inches by 48 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Bernardo Bellotto, (c. 1721/2 or 30 January 1721 – 17 November 1780), was an Italian urban landscape painter or vedutista, and printmaker in etching famous for his vedute of European cities (Dresden, Vienna, Turin and Warsaw). He was the pupil and nephew of the famous Giovanni Antonio Canal Canaletto and sometimes used the latter's illustrious name, signing himself as Bernardo Canaletto. In Germany and Poland, Bellotto called himself by his uncle's name, Canaletto. Bellotto's style was characterized by elaborate representation of architectural and natural vistas, and by the specific quality of each place's lighting. It is plausible that Bellotto, and other Venetian masters of vedute, may have used the camera obscura in order to achieve superior precision of urban views.
Price £16000
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