Simon Pietersz Verelst (1644-1710)

Artist Name Simon Pietersz Verelst (1644-1710)
Title Dutch Golden Age Floral
Description This stunning Dutch Golden Age floral still life oil painting is by noted Old Master artist Simon Pietersz Verelst. Painted circa 1690 it is a beautiful arrangement of mostly peach toned flowers - poppies, tulips and carnations - in a glass vase on a table. The composition shape and flow is superb. One's eye is naturally drawn to the beautiful white butterfly in the centre. The slightly decaying leaves bottom left remind us of the passing of time as a memento mori. A really warm and glorious Dutch Golden Age floral and an excellent example of the 'God of Flowers' artistry. Verelst paintings are in major galleries throughout the world and ours wouldn't look out of place amongst them. 
Provenance Hempel Auction 2007, sold for £47000 plus 25% auction fees
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 22 x 27 inches
Frame Housed in an ebonised frame, 35 inches by 30 inches and in good condition.
Condition Good condition.
Biography Simon Pietersz Verelst (1644–1710) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Verelst was born in The Hague. According to the RKD he was the son of Pieter Harmensz Verelst and became a pupil in the Confrerie Pictura at the same time as his brother Herman in 1663. In 1668 he moved to London, where he died. He called himself "the God of Flowers", but is known for portraits as well as flower and fruit still life paintings.
Price £55000
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