Denis Bowen (1921-2006) Abstract Expressionist
Alfred East (1844-1913) The New Neighbourhood
Alexander Merrie Hardie (1910-1989) View Across Farmland
Evert Pieters (1856-1932) Dutch Shrimpers on Shoreline
Robert Sadler (1909-2001) Winter 1
George Stubbs (1724-1806)(circle) Foxhounds in a Landscape
George Aikman (1831-1905) Unload the Catch on Tranquil Waters
Frederick William Hulme (1816-1884) A Quiet Retreat, Surrey; Punting on the River
Marcella M Walker (fl.1872-1917) The Village Maids with Fearful Glance
Aubrey Williams (1926-1990) Carib Selva 1955
Georgina Martha de L’Aubiniere (1848-1930) Flushing Cornwall

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