Douglas Falconer (1913-2004)

Artist Name Douglas Falconer (1913-2004)
Title Balmoral Deer
Description A super British circa 1960 oil on canvas by Douglas Falconer. The painting depicts a colourful vibrant large landscape with The Monarch of the Glen at Balmoral, the Queens Scottish estate. The deer look right out at us. A top quality realist oil painting. A very vibrant painting of the Scottish landscape. Signed right.
Provenance Provenance. Private collection. William Rivett Gallery London.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 24 x 36 inches
Frame Housed in a fine frame, 30 inches by 32 inches and in good condition.
Condition Excellent condition
Biography Douglas Falconer was born in 1913. Falconer initially trained as a furniture designer, gaining several important commissions, including the re-making of the bomb damaged rostrum for the auction house Christie’s.

Falconer is praised for his romantic and highly atmospheric landscapes. His scenes are mostly of Europe and Britain, and most notably depict the Lake District and the lochs and mountains of Scotland. He originally painted purely as a pastime, but committed himself to it as a result of the level and depth of demand among collectors for his work.
Falconer travelled extensively seeking inspiration for his work, and staged numerous highly successful dedicated exhibitions at galleries in London.
Price £3800
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