Carlotta Edwards (1894-1977)

Artist Name Carlotta Edwards (1894-1977)
Title Margot Fonteyn and the Corps de Ballet
An original oil painting on canvas dating to 1964 by noted British artist Carlotta Edwards who was famous for depicting ballet scenes. A stunning large Post Impressionist original oil painting depicting a ballet scene of Margot Fonteyn and the Corps de Ballet. This is a very rare painting and the original. Works by her were made into prints and populated many walls during the fifties and sixties. A very vibrant oil painting in excellent condition and in its original frame.
Signed and dated.
Provenance Sussex collection.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30 x 25 inches
Frame Housed in a frame, 31 inches by 37 inches. Excellent condition.
Condition Excellent condition
Biography The 1950s saw an explosion of all things ballet in popular culture. One of the most prominent artists was Carlotta Edwards (1894-1977). Edwards was the daughter of the French painter Ferdinand Pourrier. Her ballet scenes once graced the bedrooms of little girls (and big) all over England but were very popular in Australia and New Zealand. Edwards appears to have based most of her pictures on photographs of popular British dancers.
Price SOLD