Peter Morris

Artist Name Peter Morris
Title Danae
Description A super circa 1935 Modern British Bloomsbury School oil painting by Peter Morris, the one time partner and lover of Duncan Grant. The large oil canvas depicts Titian's Danae of the 1560's but in a vibrant  Modern British Post Impressionistic palette. In Greek mythology, Danaë was the daughter, and only child of King Acrisius of Argos and his wife Queen Eurydice. She was the mother of the hero Perseus by Zeus. She was credited with founding the city of Ardea in Latium during the Bronze Age. A fine British version of the Old Master historical painting.
It is a fantastic painting in good condition in a hand made gallery frame.
Provenance The estate of Peter Morris sister
Medium Large oil on canvas
Size 46 x 34 inches
Frame Gallery frame 52 inches by 42 inches and in excellent condition
Condition Good condition
Biography Peter Morris was a friend of Duncan Grant and was painted by him. Grant also painted his sister Dora, and both were associated with the Bloomsbury group. Dora Morris was later the second wife of Baron Romilly. Morris painted in France with Grant and is talked about in Grant's books.
Price £4,800
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