Herbert Davis Richter (1874-1955)

Artist Name Herbert Davis Richter (1874-1955)
Title Fragrance
Description This charming 1930's floral still life oil painting is by noted British artist Herbert Davis Richter. Such is his artistry, the roses' stamens are clearly visible amongst the heavy impasto on the petals and dark green leaves. No doubt chosen for their fragrance, hence the title, these red, yellow and pink roses in a glass vase on a table are painted in such realistic detail one can almost smell them. A beautiful floral still life oil painting housed in an ornate frame. Signed lower right.
Provenance Inscribed with title on stretcher and Robertson and Bruce Ltd label verso.
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 20 x 24 inches
Frame Housed in a fine ornate frame, 30 inches by 26 inches and in good condition.
Condition Excellent condition
Biography Herbert Davis Richter (1874-1955) was born in Brighton on 10th May 1874. Richter was a British artist who worked in many mediums: oil, watercolour and pastel. He was also master of many genres: still life, architectural studies, figures and interiors for which he is best known.

Richter painted several scenes in Buckingham Palace and also the homes of many society figures of his day, in addition to scenes in his own homes in Redcliffe Square, London and Hungerford. He studied furniture design at Bath School of Art before setting himself up in business in Bath as an architect and designer 1895-1906. After this period Richter travelled to London to continue his studies, enrolling at Lambeth College and the London School of Art where he studied under Browning and J. M. Swan.

He exhibited his work at the major London Galleries and leading venues in the provinces. In 1937 he contributed work to the Exposition Internationale de Paris, where he was awarded a Gold Medal. Richter was elected to the Royal Society of British Artists in 1910, the Pastel Society in 1916, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 1917, the Royal Institute in 1920, the Royal British Colonial Society of Artists in 1927 and the Royal Watercolour Society in 1937.
Price £2975
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