William Alfred Gibson (1866-1931)
Sir Gerald Festus Kelly (1879-1972)
Edward Richardson (1810-1874) Rhine Romantic
Fritz Thaulow (1847-1906) Quimperle
George Lucas ex (1871-1899) Oft to their Harvest did their Sickle Yield
Robert Weir Allan (1842-1952) Venice Lagoon
Valerios Caloutsis b1927 Forms Suspendue
Anthony Deavas (1911-1958) Nude
Franklin White (1892-1975) Going to Market
George Sherwood (1864-1914) Hunter Breton
George Sherwood Hunter (1864-1914) Venice Lagoon
Henri Heyden (1883-1970) Mollien
Jacques Emile Blanche (1861-1942) A Floral Bouquet
James Arthur O'Conner (1792-1841) A Wooded landscape
James Baker Pyne (1800-1870) Venice
John C Bell - Italian Lake
John Robertson Reid (1851-1926) - The Bell Inn
Paul Renouard (1845-1924) Blind Leading the blind
Sir Robin Philipson (1916-1992) Women Observed

Enquiries are welcome regarding the paintings in the galleries. The stock is continually changing. Please bookmark the site as new paintings are added monthly. Paintings have been shipped and professionally packed  to worldwide destinations including Europe, USA and Canada, Australia, China and the Middle East as well as to our clients in the UK where we are based.


Welcome to Richard Taylor Fine Art. The gallery contains a collection of paintings from Old Masters to Modern British and includes 19th Century and 20th Century British Art, Scottish and Glasgow Boy paintings, Dutch and European oil paintings, Portraiture and Impressionism; and all are for sale. All enquiries are welcome regarding paintings in the gallery.

My Passion

I am a Fine Art Dealer. I love what I do. I have twenty years experience and expertise in art dealing and History of Art and have sold many hundreds of paintings to British and international customers. As a fine art dealer it is my passion as well as my business.


I offer a range of services -

  • Selling paintings on behalf of clients for an agreed commission.
  • Working with hotels and interior designers on collection purchases..
  • Consultancy and valuation service.